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Coffs Harbour Concreters

Coffs Harbour Concreters

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Concreters Coffs Harbour

At Coffs Harbour Concreters we offer a comprehensive range of concreting solutions to homeowners in this region. Whether you’re building your first home or conducting wholescale renovations on your residence, you can rely on our expertise for all your concreting needs.

We will be happy to hear from you, arrange a site visit and discuss how best to put our expertise concreting Coffs Harbour homes to use on your project. 

If you’re looking to revamp your landscaping, you should consider redoing your walkway and driveway with an eye-catching decorative finish. We can help you select and implement a concrete finish that will make your yard really stand out.

We’re the concreters Coffs Harbour property owners consult when laying all kinds of concrete slabs in residential spaces, be it the slab for an extension or the foundation for your main house. Built on concrete slabs Coffs Harbour houses stand firm against all sorts of weather.

Concreters Coffs Harbour

If you’re looking to revamp your landscaping, you should consider redoing your walkway and driveway with an eye-catching decorative finish. We can help you select and implement a concrete finish that will make your yard really stand out.

Concrete Driveways Coffs Harbour

Concrete driveways open up a world of creative possibilities to Coffs Harbour property owners. There are several options available in terms of finishing from plain concrete to polished concrete to the exposed aggregate Coffs Harbour residents adore. Stencil driveways offer great aesthetics and are quite fair in terms of concreting prices

If you want a driveway that is low maintenance and will last for many years without the need for repairs, we will be happy to help you install a concrete driveway.

Exposed Aggregate

This concreting option is preferred for outdoor spaces because of its superior aesthetic appeal and its durability. You will find many properties in Korora, Coramba, Boambee and other Coffs Harbour suburbs with attractive exposed aggregate driveways leading up to their front porches. 

Worried that your exposed aggregate swimming pool deck will look like all the others? We will help you customise your finish and create a unique look you will love. We’re the concreter Coffs Harbour homeowners trust for an exquisite, durable finish.

House Slabs

For your dream house to serve you for the many years you envision, you need to begin construction with a solid foundation. Concrete is the go-to material for building a foundation because of its reputation for durability and even in the sometimes extreme New South Wales weather conditions. With well-built concrete slabs Coffs Harbour houses are sure to last decades.

Whether you require a concrete slab or footings, we are committed to constructing a foundation that will meet the highest standards. 

When it comes to works of concrete Coffs Harbour homeowners can be confident of excellent quality. Give us a call today and discover for yourself.

Types of Concrete Finishes

The beauty with concrete is the wealth of finishing options it presents property owners. Regardless of your prevailing theme, you will find a finish to match or offer a tasteful contrast. Here are some of the options for concreting Coffs Harbour homeowners can choose from:

Residential Concreting Projects

Over the years we have cultivated a reputation as one of the concreters Coffs Harbour homeowners rely on for all their concreting needs. Whenever you call on Coffs Harbour Concreters, you can expect construction that meets industry standards and excellent workmanship. We take on the below kinds of projects:

  • New home constructions
  • Home renovations
  • Home extensions
  • Concrete footing installation
  • Landscaping features: pathways, driveways,  
  • Indoor concrete works

Concrete Driveways Coffs Harbour

Your driveway provides you with an opportunity to make a statement to your guests (and drive-by shoppers). Finished to a high standard, the right concrete driveway will wow your visitors while significantly boosting the value of your property. This is why it’s important for you to choose carefully from the concrete contractors Coffs Harbour has to offer.

With Coffs Harbour Concreters you will be dealing with a vastly experienced driveway concreter who has successfully completed projects from Korora to Boambee. Our customers know us for our attention to detail, dedication to quality and great customer service. And our concreting prices are among the fairest in the NSW market.

Why You Need a Concrete Driveway

Does my driveway have to be a concrete one, you may be asking yourself. Aren’t there materials I can use that are cheaper? Yes, there are less costly materials, but will they last as long as a concrete driveway? Or offer you a similar range of finishes? Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain from a concrete driveway:

Exposed Aggregate Coffs Harbour

Exposed aggregate is a more decorative style of concreting where the top layer of a surface is exposed to reveal a textured surface speckled with pebbles, sand, crushed stones or other such natural materials. It is chiefly the rustic appeal of this kind of concrete finish that has made many Coffs Harbour property owners opt for exposed aggregate.    

Another of exposed aggregate’s many selling points is the many different ways it can be customised to better complement the rest of the house. It can be allowed to retain its rugged surface in places where slip resistance is required. Or it can be polished for indoor applications. You can also take advantage of the variety of exposed aggregate colours available to make your house a reflection of your personality.

We have completed many exposed aggregate projects in Coffs Harbour- from driveways to swimming pool surrounds. Homeowners in Upper Orara, Korora, Safety Beach and other suburbs in this locality rely on us for attractive exposed aggregate finishes that will stand the test of time.

Choosing the Right Driveway

When you come to us for driveway construction, you can rest assured we will help you realise the driveway you had envisioned. We’re one of the leading concrete contractors Coffs Harbour has dealing in driveway construction. We will be happy to make recommendations that will ensure your driveway looks fabulous and also works for your specific location. As you begin visualising the best driveway for your property, here are some points to bear in mind.


When deciding on which form of decorative concreting to use on your driveway, your choice should be guided by the theme of your house and its surroundings. A cabin or country house will be best served by a driveway that blends in well with the greenery. In this case a stamped or stenciled concrete driveway with a pattern that resembles natural stone would be ideal. A stain of the right shade of grey or brown will enable the driveway to better complement the natural surroundings.


If you reside in Emerald Beach, Moonee Beach or in a coastal home in one of the other beachfront suburbs in Coffs Harbour, a stamped concrete driveway with a flagstone or slate design will be more ideal.


 If your driveway will be subjected to heavy traffic or be used as a play area for children, it should be solid enough to withstand the pressure. If it will be mostly exposed to the elements, it should also be able to stand up to the weather extremes. Asphalt tends to crack and develop potholes when not prepared well before laying. Even if it is well laid, an asphalt driveway will still need to be resealed every 3-5 years. 

Concrete is known to be highly durable- a concrete driveway can last up to 40 years. And concrete is low maintenance; the polished concrete Coffs Harbour property owners sometimes use indoors is particularly easy to keep clean.


As you consider your expenditure on your driveway, you should not only look at the initial cost but also the future cost of maintenance. While a concrete driveway is a little more costly than asphalt or gravel to construct, it will cost you next to nothing to maintain and will outlast asphalt or gravel driveways by many years.

How Do We Install Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

We can lay your exposed aggregate in a number of different ways depending on the effect you desire to achieve. The easiest of the methods, at least in theory, is the standard aggregate. Here we mix aggregate into the concrete prior to pouring it onto the surface.

Why You Should Go For Exposed Aggregate

There are many benefits to an exposed aggregate finish from its dazzling looks to producing a durable surface.  


And you can add some further pizzazz to your exposed aggregate porch or driveway by giving it a splash of colour. Again, depending on your desired outcome, we can colour the concrete in a variety of ways. We can mix the concrete colour oxide along with the cement, sand and stones so that the colour lasts longer. 

Another option is to brush the pigment into the concrete mix after it has been laid. Yet another way we can add colour to your exposed concrete is by spraying it onto the surface after curing. Mixing coloured elements such as stained glass into the aggregate can also add a unique touch to your exposed aggregate finish.  

Durability:Concrete is known for its ability to stand up to the most inclement conditions. Exposed aggregate produces a solid surface that will serve you and your family for many years. It stands up superbly to heavy foot and vehicular traffic as well.

Safety:One of the more common applications of exposed aggregate Coffs Harbour residents use most is in the construction of swimming pool surrounds. An exposed aggregate finish gives this water feature a sophisticated look that incorporates the rugged beauty of nature. But more importantly, it creates a textured, non-slip surface that bodes well for the safety of the swimming pool’s users. This will be particularly critical if you have young children. 

Whether you need a concrete slab for garden shed construction or an attractive decorative concrete finish for your walkway, you can rely on us to get the job done to your expectations and to the highest standard. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to arrange a site visit for your unique concreting solution.